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Axle-mounted Wire Layer

Wire Feeder - Axle-mounted Wire Layer - AmWL
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WRS-04 is a new product of fine and exclusive design launched for timely feeding of wire in proper quantity to hosts.

  • Featuring multi-stage wire laying performance, this unit is capable of conducting automatic adjustment of the speed of laying wires to meet the needs of the host.
  • This unit is apt for a wire variety of axle-mounted wires of different sizes, being the maximum outer diameter 550mm and the maximum weight 80 Kg.
  • This unit is capable of detecting existence of wires, wire leads and overload in wire laying.
  • This unit may work with WRS-05 wire feeder. When working with WRS-05 wire feeder, fully automatic lead press or computerised wire cutters of any model allows no drag on the host when conducting synchronised wire tending.


Model No. WRS-04
Dimension 850mm X 650mm X 1150mm
Weight 97 Kg
Power Supply AC 110V~220V
Carry Weight Less than 80 Kg
Wire Roll Sizes Less than 550m/m
Motor Power 450W