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Automatic Wire Feeder

Wire Feeder - Automatic Wire Feeder  - AWF
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The function of the machine is to regulate feeding speed for correct feeding of the wire and also it is equipped and automatical wire straightener to prevent crooked wire.

  • There are many speeds designed for choosing for smooth feeding. It contains a device to adjust the feeding speed automatically according to the size of the wire.
  • It is compatible with all other cutting, stripping, and crimping products that brings the most efficient way of producing quality products.
  • Capable to feed wire with maximum diameter of 8m/m. Our aduistable core enables the wire to be fed smoothly.
  • Comes with a dual feeding system which accepts wires not only clockwise wound but also antoclockwise wound. It is also equipped with a sensor that automatically stops the machine if the wire has not been fed.


Model No. WRS-03 WRS-03-H
Dimension 600mm X 450mm X 800mm 600mm X 450mm X 1000mm
Weight 25 Kg 28 Kg
Power Supply AC 110V~220V AC 110V~220V
Carry Weight 25 Kg 25 Kg
Wire Size Diameter below 8m/m Diameter below 8m/m
Motor Power 100W 100W