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Digital Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine
Model: TH-DCS-220

  Wire Cutting and Striping Machine - Digital Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine <br>Model: TH-DCS-220 - TH-DCS-220
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This machine meet the requirements of modern electronic features such as light, short, thin, small and high precision. Even a difficult processing wire 1 mm to 50 mm it can be overcame. for example, the length is 1mm both ends strip 0.3mm can be made, even an insulation wire can be stripped to a length of 99mm.

Easy operation by LCD (liquid crystal display) all setting sizes appear on LCD obviously.
One-touch operation with push buttons. All sizes can be set by push buttons.
Easy set as you need, even any error setting arose, the computer can show out the error immediately. It also can display an actual quantity as you set.

Processing two wires at the same time as necessary.

High precision cutting stripping for thick and thin wire.

It can process, cut and strip two wires at the same time, meanwhile sample making one piece per time also available to meet efficient need.


Model No. TH-DCS-220
Dimension 450mm X 450mm X 360mm
Weight 36 Kg
Power Supply AC 110V/220V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption MIN. 20W~MAX. 220W
Cutting Length 1~60000mm
Stripping Length 0.1~99mm (Depends on wire material), Tri-section stripping up tp 999mm.
Cutting Tolerance Adjustable
Applicable Size AWG#14~AWG#32 (Depends on wire material).