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Flat Cable Cut, Split and Strip Machine
Model: TH-DCS-280SPL

  Wire Cutting and Striping Machine - Flat Cable Cut, Split and Strip Machine <br>Model:  TH-DCS-280SPL - TH-DCS-280SPL
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  • Specially apply to 2486 flat cable cut, split and strip with computer control type.
  • Apply to AWG#18-AWG#26, 2-10 conductors with CASSETTE applicator.
  • V-Blade design to ensure cut and strip shape.
  • Assembly type of split blade, can be exchanged as require.
  • Computer key in to simplify length adjustment wire split, etc. (Either both side or single side.)
  • Maximum split length is 100mm.
  • Minimum wire cutting length is 35mm.


Model No. TH-DCS-280SPL
Dimension 900mm X 450mm X 360mm
Weight 70 Kgs
Power Supply AC 110/220V, 50/60Hz
Min Length MIN. 35mm
Conductor 2~10 PIN