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Digital Wire Cutting & Stripping Machine
Model: TH-DCS-220T

  Wire Cutting and Striping Machine - Digital Wire Cutting & Stripping Machine <br>Model: TH-DCS-220T - TH-DCS-220T
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This machine adoptable to VSF, IV, KV, Teflon, Coaxial cable and ETC. Full Automatic cutting, stripping, half-stripping, middle-stripping and teisting, this machine also adoptable for diversified sizes wires.


Model No. TH-DCS-220T
Dimension 450mm X 720mm X 360mm
Weight 39 Kg
Power Supply AC 110V/220V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption MIN. 20W~MAX. 220W
Cutting Length 1~60000mm
Stripping Length 0.1~99mm (Depends on wire material), Tri-section stripping up tp 999mm.
Twisting Length 0.1~99mm (Depends on wire material)
Cutting Tolerance Adjustable
Applicable Size AWG#14~AWG#32 (Depends on wire material).

Stripping Method

Twisting Method