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Semi Auto Terminal Crimping Machine
Model: TH-C-3.5T

Terminal Crimping Machine - Semi Auto Terminal Crimping Machine <br>Model: TH-C-3.5T - TH-C-3.5T
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1. The inverter duty motor is adopted in this machine for operation.
2. It is manufacturered by CNC, so that the number of machine parts is less than old model.
3. It crimps accurately, produced low noise, have endured usage and it's easy for repairing.
4. Universal applicators can be used on this machine by chaging the base and the press head.
5. This machine can be used in a wide range.
6. It's is light in weight and it can be set to the full automatic machine for more usage.
7. The special reducer is adopted in this machine.
8. This machine is higher twisting power and enough stroke strenght for wire harness of automobile and motorcycle.