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Multi-Function Cutting Machine
Model: TH-CT-100

Other Machines  - Multi-Function Cutting Machine <br>Model: TH-CT-100 - TH-CT-100
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  • Controlled by step motor driver, which brings a more accurate result.
  • Wire feeding speed can be adjusted.
  • Both Chinese and English are showed on the control panel.
  • Depends on the input, cutting length can be adjusted.
  • The cutting width of thr machine can reach up to 80m/m, it's suitable for heat shrinkable tube, flat cable, copper weave wire, etc.
  • When operating, you can choose single cutting or continuous cutting.
  • Feeding and the cutter can be shifted step by step.


Model No. TH-CT-100
Dimension 520mm X 300mm X 280mm
Weight 32 Kg
Power Supply AC 100V~240V, 50/60Hz
Cutting Length 1~60000mm
Cutting Width MAX. 80mm