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service for wire harness assembly industry of Automotive,  
Electronics and appliance.  
Design & Development

Mechanical design at THEAN HWA has been engineered for simplicity, reliability and optimum performance, derive from the experience gained form numerous custom solution specifically tailored for automotive and electronics wire harness.

Prior to fabrication, all terminal dimensions are measured to scrutinized for each wire/terminal combination, tab proportion of terminals as well as wire to barrel cross section ration and adequate housing clearance are all assessed to ensure perfect termination.
Propriety design tools such as ‘Terminal data input sheet' and ‘Computerise Crimp Design program' automatically generates specification of tooling components, enable us to create tooling with perfect radial and complex crimp form geometry required by the most demanding wire crimp tools and determine the optimum crimp width for a series of conductors.

These sophisticated procedures allow the modelling of every crimp shape before we make any tooling. We do this on every order we process. Therefore, there is no guess as to what the quality of crimp will be and performance consistency can be rest assure.